JF Kilfoil

Enriching Life Through Connections

The JF Kilfoil Company is a leading manufacturer’s representative.

Our primary purpose is enriching life through connections. Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1953, the Company remains true to the values and beliefs originally set forth; long term relationships, honesty, integrity, high quality (people + products), sense of urgency and caring for people. We proudly represent market leaders in our geographic territory of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Who We Are

We are a group of committed individuals located in the Midwest of the United States.

We work around a strategic plan that provides focus for the short and long term. Each of us brings a different skill set and personality, and we realize that everyone we meet has their own skills and personality. We’ve spent time learning about how to deal effectively with those we come into contact with daily, whether at work or home.

What We Do

We connect our knowledge and people to solve design needs quickly.

Our operating model is customer intimate, so we strategically focus the right products for the right customers. We value relationships versus transactions. Managing customer relationships is a strength of which we are proud. This can be witnessed in our long term relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Why We Do It

We live by a core set of values and beliefs that drive us to get up every morning.

These include valuing and nurturing long-term relationships; working to do the right thing with honesty and integrity; offering high quality solutions from high quality suppliers as well as employing a high quality team; caring for people; engaging with a sense of urgency. Don’t take our word for it, ask our customers and suppliers yourself!

Long Term Relationships, Honesty, Integrity

JF Kilfoil Company formed April 1, 1953, when Speer Electronics (now KOA Speer) hired us to expand and strengthen their position in the electronics market in the Midwest. With the addition of complementary lines, as well as targeted acquisitions, we have successfully grown the business for 65 years.

Today, we continue to support our initial manufacturer, KOA Speer Electronics, as their leading manufacturers’ representative firm in the world. We remain in a leadership position among all of our manufacturers in Automotive, Industrial Automation, Test & Measurement, Military, White Goods, Contract Manufacturing and other customers looking to benefit from the most reliable source of components, connectors, electromechanical components and printed circuit boards. We are proud of the level of service we consistently provide our customers and Principals, as evidenced by our long-term relationship with KOA Speer and others. With a third generation now leading our organization, we look toward continued growth in our industry and our business as we serve our Principals and Customers.

Let’s Connect!

We proudly represent market leaders in our geographic territory of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.