We believe the services we provide to our Principals are unmatched by any of the rep organizations in the market today. Our goal is to offer a level of service and depth of relationship that can only be attained through consistent marketing and repeatedly touching customer locations. We believe strongly that customer locations outside a traditional territory (traveling to Europe and Asia) are as important for us to influence and serve as our customer locations in north America.

While our customer decisions continue to grow in complexity with material team members scattered globally, they continue to look to us as a single contact point to manage increasingly important supply chains that do not deviate from production requirements, nor their expectations for future growth.

Hiring Criteria for New Suppliers

In order to satisfy these customer requirements, we have devised the following ‘Hiring Criteria for New Suppliers’ in order to meet our customer’s needs.

  • Supplier’s products must be in national distribution with current sales in the JFKilfoil territory.
  • Supplier’s products must have current sales to Tier 1 Automotive accounts.
  • Supplier’s products or services must be unique.
  • Supplier’s systems must be compatible with ours and the marketplace.
  • Supplier must allow their products and services to be sold in the entire JFKilfoil territory.
  • Supplier must have domestic support and structure.
  • Supplier must be committed to the Manufacturer’s Rep model.
  • Supplier must not have competing products to those currently sold by the JFKilfoil Company.
  • Supplier must be committed to tracking overseas commissions.
  • Supplier must act with a sense of urgency.

Please contact us today to discuss building a mutually beneficial relationship with the JFKilfoil Company.

Mr. Timothy M. Kilfoil
President, JFKilfoil Company


Mobile: 513-608-0030