PalPilot PCB value solutions include an experienced sales team and a complete PCB Supply Chain capable of design, development and production capacity.  A single contact within multiple manufacturing locations provides engineering, customer service and quality interface in the USA, Taiwan and China.

Printed Circuit Board Design and Production

Prototype through high volume PCBs

  • Single-, Double-sided
  • Single lot quantities (build/ship)slider_pcb
  • Low release/min-build quantities
  • Very flexible and accommodating
  • Deep resources for design, routing, library/component footprint creation.
  • Asian manufacturing of rigid, rigid flex and flex circuits.
  • Large design service capability in IS and Asia.
  • Domestic bi-lingual north American sales and customer service.
  • Quality and design engineering in north America.
  • Domestic logistics support.
  • High-density interconnect (HDI) extremely fine line circuitry and ultra-fine pitch surface mount.
  • R/F microwave applications.
  • Laser microvias, blind and buried vias.
  • Fully automated single sided manufacturing line..
  • Single lot builds, mid-volume ramp through high volume production
  • Variety of materials, including mixed dielectric boards and special constructions.
  • Variety of surface finishes.
  • Oversized panel, coin/pallet bonding capabilities.  Check out the Suzhou PalWonn production facility video tour below.