KOA Speer Electronics continues to be the leading manufacturer of discrete resistors, resistor networks and integrated passive devices in the global electronics industry.  KOA’s broad line of surface mount passive components supports the world’s leading manufacturers who rely on KOA’s industry-leading product quality and customer-focused production support.  Check out KOA’s latest products for your development requirements to assure highest performance and best quality.  Visit their website here.

  • High voltage resistors
  • Through-hole resistors
  • Thick film SMT resistors
  • Thin film SMT resistors
  • Ceramic PTH/SMT capacitors
  • Tantalum PTH/SMTcapacitors
  • PTC/NTC thermistors
  • Ferrite bead inductors
  • Multi layer inductors
  • Thin film inductors
  • Wirewound resistors
  • Resistor (R/RC/RCD) networks
  • Resistor arrays
  • MELF resistors
  • Resettable fuses
  • LTCC

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KOA Speer is the world’s leading manufacturer of:

  • Resistors -SMT, Leaded, High Precision and Resistor Networks
  • Inductors – SMT thin film, wound coil, multi-layer
  • Integrated Passive Networks and LTCC
  • Hybrid vehicle applications, high power and sense resistors
  • ISO9000 and TS16949 registered manufacturer