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Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan

KOA Speer Electronics

What Engineer isn’t looking for quality product delivered yesterday? KOA Speer is the leader in surface mount passive components and recently received several awards because of their commitment to quality and service. You can read more about those awards HERE. If you use passive electronic components in your designs, see how KOA Speer can help. Give us a call at (513)791-6150.



PalPilot is PCB Design, PCB Manufacturing and Interconnect Products

PalPilot value solutions include an experienced sales team and a complete PCB Supply Chain capable of design, development and production capacity in the US, Taiwan and China. Check out their website here.


Kang Yang Hardware Enterprise Co.

What challenges are you facing in your designs? These are the questions that Kang Yang wants you to call us about! Kang Yang has been providing engineered solutions for the electronics market since 1987. Their catalog is like a toy catalog for Engineers, seriously! Check it out here.

Kang Yang

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